Chinese Tower(Mandate of Heaven)
This tower I had made was used in the "Mandate of Heaven" map for Crysis. "Mandate of Heaven" is a Chinese map worked on by "Clément Melendez" as the Level Designer, Gameplay Designer as well as an Artist. It was an honour to model and texture the most important structure in one of the most interesting location in his map.

Check out more of his fantastic work in

You can also download the map from the link above.

Model Details:-

Standard Triangle/Face Count - 16,084 triangles.
LOD1 Triangle/Face Count - 8,916 triangles.
LOD2 Triangle/Face Count - 3,304 triangles.
LOD3 Triangle/Face Count - 1,271 triangles.
Occluder Triangle/Face Count - 56 triangles.

Texture Details:-

Brick Wall Texture - 1024 x 1024 px. diffuse and normal.
Door Texture - 512 x 1024 px. diffuse, normal and specular.
Stone Slab Sign Texture - 1024 x 512 px. diffuse and normal.
Window Texture - 512 x 512 px. diffuse and normal.
Trim Texture - 1024 x 256 px. diffuse and normal.
Roof Texture - 256 x 256 px. diffuse and normal.
Spire Texture - 256 x 128 px. diffuse and normal.

The credits are as follows:-

Everything was done by me from scratch.

In-Game(Crysis) Screenshots

LOD Models (Level of Detail Sets)



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Posted on June, 2009.
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