Samples from 'Ghatothkach - The Quest for Kanchan Moti'
These are some examples of my level design work for 'Ghatothkach - The Quest for Kanchan Moti' done when I was working at 'SEI Games'. 'SEI Games' is a division of 'Shemaroo Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.' working solely on Video Games for several platforms. 'The game is the official PC game for the "Ghatothkach" 2D animated movie.

Initially the game was planned to be a cross-platform for PC as well as XBLA. Hence because of the file size limit of XBLA, the team was challenged to squeeze out a side scrolling game with limited texture resource. Then we decided on making it a tile-based 2D game so as to compensate with the issue. Despite of being a 2D game, the Ghatothkach game has one of the most state-of-the-art technology powering the game. It has dynamic vector-based collisions, rigid body physics, particles, crisp graphics and eye-candy post-process effects.

I've worked on the level design for three of the levels, that includes conceptualizing as well as laying the levels using the in-house custom level editor. Apart from that, I've also worked only on the conceptualizing of one more level. I was also completely responsible for the primary art asset pipeline. All the artists used to send their assets to me. I used to organize them, sync it according to technical specifications set by programmers and lastly assign and organize IDs for all the assets including props as well as animated character sprite sheets. My prior experience as a professional bassist helped me handle the "Sound FX Management" completely.

Programmers worked with:-

Manjith Krishnappa - Level Editor
Jagdish Mandal - Game, Level Scripting, Sound Programming
Gayatri Suresh - Physics, Level Collision Editor, Game, Level Scripting
Yorrick Mendes - Particle Editor, AI, Shaders, Post-Process Effect

Artists/Animators worked with:-

Nicholas Franco - Lead Artist, Character Art and Animations, Level Art and Design, Particles
Amit Mulekar - Level Art, Menu Art, HUD Art, Prop Art, Backgrounds
Umesh Birhade - Character Art and Animation, Backgrounds
Ashok Salunkhe - Menu Art
Aniruddha Kochrekar - Character Animations
Aniket - Character Art

Last but not the least, thanks to 'Shankar Ji' for the amazing coffee he used to make back in the office.

The game starts with a tutorial level where the player is taught how to go on playing the game.

Ghatothkach has some wonderful magical powers to choose from and fight the enemy.

The game has some really tricky situations tickling your gray matter.

The player can push or pull objects to solve puzzles, or put some common sense in to do something more useful with them. :)

The player can use a 'magic shield' to be temporarily immune to enemy hits.

No retreat, no surrender. Just kill those crabs. BAM! BAM! BAM! :P

Stalagmites look pretty. It could be dangerous as well.

Oh look, I made an arrangement here so I can boil you well enough. :D

I'll take your leave for now. Bye. :)

Posted on February 28, 2009.
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