Plasma Lamp
These are some renders of the plasma lamp for underground mines that is going to be used in the "Recall To Hell" TC for Doom3. "Recall To Hell" is supposed to be one of the most successful total conversion for the Doom3 community.

Model Details:-

Triangle/Face Count - 1018 triangles.
Body Texture - 1024 x 1024 px. diffuse, normal and specular.
Protective Grid Texture - 256 x 256 px. diffuse, normal and specular.
Frontal Reflector Texture - 128 x 128 px. sharable reflection map.

The credits are as follows:-

Concept - By Chris "Legion_X" Donner.
Modeling - By Sayantan Biswas.
UV Unwraping - By Sayantan Biswas.
Diffuse Texture Painting - By Sayantan Biswas.
Normal Mapping - By Sayantan Biswas.
Specular Mapping - By Sayantan Biswas.
Special thanks to Michael "Psyschokiller" Hesse for putting this into his graceful map and getting me the in-game screenshots. :P

Thanks to Legion_X and the whole Recall To Hell Team to let me post this in my personal website. :)


In-Game(Doom3 Engine) Renders

Unlit 3dsmax Render
Wireframe Renders

Re-scaled Texture Preview
Diffuse Texture:

Normal Texture:

Specular Texture:

Till the next time, take care. ;)

Posted on October, 2006.
 © Sayantan Biswas 2006